Fliptrick Review

Title: Fliptrick

Author: Amo Jones

Something a little different from Amo Jones but still with her creative style and flow.

I’m not sure the pacing was quite right for me and I’m left a little confused by the whole Travis situation. But that is probably because there is absolutely so much happening in the second half of the book that the pages were flying by so quickly!

I love a quirky rebel girl and Ame certainly falls into this category. She’s a little nerdy and unsure of herself at first but it’s great to see the character develop and the strong independent woman she becomes.

Who could go wrong with Wolf, Talon and Maddox? There’s a little bit of everything you like in there and you’re certainly not left wanting for badass alpha males in this book!

It’s a great read with strong characters and the most amazing cover! I absolutely love this cover and the story lives up to its alternate nature.


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