Bane Review

Title: Bane

Author: LJ Shen

Obviously, everything LJ Shen writes is complete gold and Bane is no exception.

After the last book there was lots of speculation as to who would be able to tame the free spirit that is Bane and if they even should. There’s a lovely balance between fun free and playful Bane and the cold ruthless business head that got him named as Vicious’ successor.

Jesse is a beautifully written character. Lost and broken her world ignites once in the safe cocoon that is Bane’s reputation. This safety allows her space to heal from the trauma in her life and reclaim her sense of self.

Thats not to say that he’s free and clear and doesn’t make more than one mistake throughout the book. They’re both wonderfully human despite living in the extraordinary world of the Four HotHoles and bring a touch of every day life in with them.

As expected the writing is fantastic, the story keeps the pages turning and you coming back for more. Another fantastic book!


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