Hunter Review

Title: Hunter

Author: Eden Summers

This is a first for me by this author. I love a good recommendation and when an author I follow suggested this would be a good read I took her at her word.

And what a read! I love the opening gambit and the instant spark between the two main characters. From there it only goes up!

The connection, the confusion, the back and forth angsty nightmare. The whole thing is fantastic. I loved the mystery around our lead female characters’ history and the reasons she was in it to win it.

I would have liked maybe a little more of our Hunters past to have been included but there’s show to include that in other books, if there are any. And what is his relationship to Decker? Are they brothers? Best friends?

I liked the humanisation of the characters, very relateable, I felt very in tune with our female and couldn’t put this one down.

We all need to rescue ourselves in order to be rescued by our hero. And damn, what a hero! Hunt is hot, confident, a true alpha in all senses of the word. Yet he still finds himself chasing the unknown, the lost little lamb that doesn’t even know she needs him.

It was fantastic and I can’t wait to see if there are any more books in this series!


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