Steal You Review

Title: Steal You

Author: KD Robichaux & CC Monroe

This is a standalone novel.

Well, where to start with this one?

The writing is very good, you wouldnt know that it was written by two different people as the crossover is flawless.

Unfortunately this story isn’t for me. Marketed as a dark professor/student romance they stopped being professor and student early on in the story and I didn’t particularly find it dark.

The only dark content seemed to be the Dominant/ submissive relationship between two of the main characters, both of whom seemed to be slightly deranged and whose full time D/s relationship was intermittent.

I didn’t find the characters relateable and their responces to some of the situations were confusing. Although there was character development throughout the book.

Overall the writing is good and the development/progression throughout the story was also good. Sadly, the story and characters weren’t to my taste.


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