Death & Dust Review

Title: Death & Dust

Author: Skyla Madi

This is the final book in the New York Crime Kings series, read my reviews for the other books here;

It is with great joy and sadness I write this review. Wiring this means we have come to the end … and man, what an end!

As ever, we are tied up in knots and dragged round in circles before ending up somewhere completely new and yet still sorta the same.

The depth and development of the main characters throughout this series has been amazing. The changes within Jai, Emily, Skull, Joel and Monique are genuine and relateable. There are some fab supporting characters that prop the whole thing up and could easily have their own stories told in tales to come.

This Emily is not the Emily from book one. This Jai is not the Jai from book one. They have been through so much and made it so far only to lose it again at the end of the last book, only making this one more pertinent.

I still feel for Skull, I mean I get that he’s completely deranged but I do like an antihero. And he is good at being bad!

For everyone desperately waiting for the end of the series I can hand on heart say, you will not be disappointed. I’ve enjoyed every book of the series, even though I’ve been left hanging, and this is a fantastic finale.

Enjoy! I will be recommending far and wide!


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