The Devils Match Review

Title: The Devils Match

Author: Amo Jones

This is part of The Devils Own series, read my other reviews here;

Wow, another whirlwind of a story from Amo Jones. Can two crazies find and keep love? Well, it’s a bit hard to say really lol would they even know if they had?

I’m not sure what I can even post here without ruining it! The return of lost faces and addition of some interesting new faces keeps this twisty turvy world spinning.

Ella is, not the same Ella we met in previous books. She still has this nostalgic notion of love but she is no longer in love with the idea of love. Lucky really. She has a few tricks up her sleeve too!

Frost is everything I expected he would be and more. He is cold and hard, destructive and beautifully damaged, broken beyond repair.

Another real page turner full of twists and turns and a great lead into the next book. Amo is really getting into her stride with writing style and it’s fantastic to read.

Looking forward to the Lucky Hundred!


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