Playing to Win Review

Title: Playing to Win

Author: Laura Carter

This is the second in the Brits in Manhattan series,  read my review for book one here;

1 – 

I loved the push pull in this book! I’m a big enemies to lovers fan anyway so this way probably always going to be a winner in my book but i genuinely really loved it!

I was really excited to read Brooks story and was expecting a little more filled in about his history but he was everything I hoped he would be; completely super alpha! That’s not to say that he can’t and doesnt concede when he’s in the wrong because he does, he’s awesome!

Izzy is a character that’s for sure. She gives as good as she gets and is clearly out of her depth on more than one occasion, not that it stops her ploughing through! Determined and driven she *will* conquer. But what does that look like once your heart takes over?

A great story with some very loveable characters. Looking forward to seeing what comes next 🙂


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