Guts & Glass Review

Title: Guts & Glass

Author: Skyla Maxi

This is part of the New York Crime Kings series, read my other reviews here;

Well … with one final book on the horizon I knew that this was going to be *another* cliffhanger. Doesn’t mean I like it but I knew it was going to happen!

I absolutely love this series! I love Jai, I love Emily and I even a little bit love skull. Another book that practically reads itself, it feels a little unfair that the author spent months writing and editing and sorting only for me to devour it whole in one evening 🙈 but I did, and I’m dying for the final selection!

The push and pull, forwards and backwards, she can she can’t, he will be won’t. We get more insight into some of the other secondary characters; Monique and Joel as well as Skull and a little more where he’s at.

I, as I’m sure many, have a little soft spot for Skull. Sure, he’s the bad guy and he has and does do many horrible things but underneath all that is this pained hurting man just trying to make the world hurt like he does. You gotta respect that I think!

I’m now, very impatiently, waiting for the final instalment of this series and absolutely loved this one. I can’t wait to be able to have a complete read of the whole series from start to finish!


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