One Shot Review

Title: One Shot

Author: BJ Harvey

Well, believe it or not, this is my first book by this author. I happen to have the great honour of meeting her at a signing next weekend. When she posted the opportunity to receive the paperback before release I thought, ooh why not! And signed up for the ARC too 🙈

You know it’s gonna be a good one when the dedication is to one of your favourite authors; and one that you have just finished reading! And it was ☺

The prologue draws you in, the characters are relateable and the plot itself absolutely keeps you turning the pages. I stopped at chapter 8 as my kindle died, and so picked it up the following day. 
Just when I thought it was all making sense and falling in to place she chucks a curve ball in there and sends it all off in another direction! Not just once either; I get it, I’m with it, following it, oh no wait, what? 

It was fantastic. Nobody wants a story you get the ending to in the first 3 chapters and you certainly don’t get that here. There is great plot and character development as well as a really good back up cast. There are a few secondary characters I’m hoping we’ll get the story too ☺

Definately a recommendation from me !


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