On Her Guard Review

Title: On Her Guard

Author: Skyla Madi

Well I can certainly see why Skyla struggled to fit this one into a short for an anthology. That story was not going to be contained!

It’s not quite mafia, it’s not quite military, it’s just pure romance. Don’t we all want what we can’t have? That extra chunk of chocolate, the slice of cake that looks so good, the broody hunky guy you meet in a  bar?

The bar you weren’t supposed to be in, the one you lied about your age to. Well, it’s not illegal and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him … or will it!

A fab story of falling in love; a fun flirty yet stubborn and spoilt princess who meets the brooding older man who knows what trouble that spark can bring. Amazingly relateable character’s in an out of this world situation thay draw you in and won’t let you out until the end of the story.

I’ve been in a book funk for weeks but did this book in one sitting! Definately gets a thumbs up from me 😍


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