The Bandit Review

Title: The Bandit

Author: Bebe Reid

Another action packed adventure from Bebe Reid! She definately writes some seriously asshole alpha males. Infact, they’re about as asshole ish as you could manage while still being redeemable  … maybe.

I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I got to about 2 points in the book and thought ‘this must be it the big build up to the end’ but it wasn’t. 

There is so much rammed into this book it’s amazing. It reads beautifully and the content is gripping, sexy and will keep you awake all night reading!

So glad that I have the next book ready to run straight into, and that’s where I’m heading now.

A great ending to this one and some fantastic character development. I’m certainly hoping to see more of Z and Luchas too!


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