Road to Ruin Review

Title: Road to Ruin 

Author: Callie Hart and Jonny James

I love the prologue, it gives a really clear picture of what Alex and his family are like. The expectation, the dramatic flair and the insanity all wrapped in to one.

I really liked this book! I like how the characters are connected but not intertwined. Alex’s aloofness and West and Vaughan’s crazy all help to make them stand out individually while still melding them into the dark underworld in which in they dwell.

I like Nikita as the light to the story, a light born of darkness, that every now and then dips her toes into the shadows. You got to be fairly strong willed to work in her field in a prison. She’s not just strong willed though, forged from steel through and through with a very small well hidden vulnerable side.

Really looking forward to seeing where this sorry goes! Callie and Jonny have done a fantastic job!


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