Truth Revealed Review

Title: Truth Revealed 

Author: Kayla Greenwood-Robichaux 

This is book two of the Confessions duet, read the review for book one here;

1 – 

Well, wow. I have literally just read this in one evening.  Before I even realised how far through I was, I was at 84% and it was still getting better. This is an absolute page turner and I could not put it down!

It is pretty obvious that the author has done plenty of research for this book. There are no gaps in the flow, the level of information is perfect! We are very gently guided through a very difficult period of Vi’s life. 

I really liked the way we were lead through what had happened over the last 10 years.  Not just the incident that changed both their lives forever, but what went before and came after. 

It was very cathartic reading for me.  I know there are warnings in the beginning of the book, this book covers some deep subjects and obviously there are things tested that should be done under controlled circumstances. That being said, I can completely see the links that are made and why and how it would work. Sex as a therapeutic healing session sounds fantastic! 

There are some amazingly hot scenes and as ever the connection between the two of then is fantastic! I love the writing style and the authors ability to draw you in and keep you there.  

I have completely run out of words to express how absolutely awesome this book is. The combination of dark and light, the way they compliment each other without knowing. The unknown draw between them. It’s done so beautifully and a very difficult situation is dealt with carefully and tactfully.

I love it! It’s not the dark and twisty stuff I’ve been reading recently, a refreshing change without being sickly sweet.  Perfection!


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