Still Waters Review 

Title: Still Waters

Author: Anne Malcolm 

Well, Anne is a new to me author recommended by a friend. So when the opportunity came up to read her new release, that wasn’t part way through a series, it must be fate. So I signed up 🙂

And I’m really glad I did! There are great peeks into the MC world I think she’s already written. Enough information to inform, so I knew who everyone was and where they fit in, without there being gaps in the story. 

This book is filled with hot hot alpha men! There are hot alpha bikers, hot alpha soldiers and hot alpha security men – I’m not sure exactly where this place is, but I definately need to visit!

I went into the story sceptical, I’m not really an insta love kinda girl. But this isn’t insta love – insta lust maybe, and I’m reasonably familiar with that! 

I love the crazy world that Lucy lives in, the crazy personal history and the deep darkness she shields within. There are some really deep and emotional sections throughout this book and the connection between Kelton and Lucy is fantastic.

We are taken on a twisting turning weaving journey. Love, lust, secrets, heartbreak, death and betrayal. This book has it all in bucket loads. The writing really keeps you turning the pages too. This is a great story, beautifully written!

I’m definately looking forward to reading more from this author!


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