Fear Me Review

Title: Fear Me
Author: BeBe Reid

This is book one of the Broken love series.

Well I loved it!

I’ve never read anything by BB before. She’s coming to FBBF17 so I downloaded this when it was on offer and it’s been sat in my kindle waiting for a rainy day.

I was looking for something a bit different and this caught my eye, not sure why, could be the sexy fella on the front!

I’m really glad it did. What an amazing story. Dark and twisted with light scattered throughout, this is the starscape of the book world.

Kieran; the tormentor, the tormented, infatuated, obsessed, confused. He is dark and intense, brooding and dominant, creating his own submissive without even realising he’s doing it.

Lake; the sweetness and light of our story. I love the peeks into her psyche in this book, the way we can see and feel along side her the barriers coming down and the breaking of spirit.

This is a fantastically twisted tale, the storytelling is amazing and the rollercoaster is just beginning!

It was so good I didn’t even stop to write the review before ploughing straight into book 2! Loved it!


This isn’t another “I hate you because I secretly love you” story.
Boy really does hate girl.
And this isn’t just a forbidden love story.
This is obsession at its darkest.

I don’t believe in fairy tales and Prince Charming.

I believe in fear.

He taught me how to be afraid.

We first met on a playground on a wonderful summer day. It was the first time he hurt me and it wouldn’t be the last. For ten years, he’s been my tormentor and I’ve been his forbidden. But then he went away, and yet I was still afraid.

Now he’s back and wants more than just my tears. You see…he thinks I sent him away so now he wants revenge…and he knows just how to get it.



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