It Started With a Kiss Review 

Title: It Started With a Kiss
Author: Melanie Moreland

A nice story about falling in love and getting over your own hang ups.

A chance meeting has Daniel and Avery falling head over heels instantly. They fall in love and live happily ever after. Definately a cutesy story!

Not my cup of tea but the writing is good and the story is well paced.


It started with a kiss.
Then it became so much more.
Love at first sight.
Avery Connor doesn’t believe in it.
But what about love at first kiss?
A favor for a friend. Kiss a stranger and walk away.
But what if that favor, and that stranger, prove to be the turning point of her life?
What if that kiss leads to something more?
Dr. Daniel Stewart is certain it will.
He is determined to make her see him. To feel what he feels.
To have the effects of that kiss last forever.
A story about taking a chance, opening your heart to the moment, and falling in love




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