Devil’s Vengeance Review

Title: Devil’s Vengeance
Author: Nina Levine

This is book three is the Sydney Storm MC series, see my other reviews:

1 – Relent Review
2 –Nitro’s Torment Review

I pre ordered this so I had it as soon as it came out! Unfortunately I’ve been that busy I’ve not had chance to read it 😮 until now!

Well, I love Nina’s writing style; it’s simplistic and compelling. Before I even realised, I was at 60% in and things were really hotting up!
Devil is unsurprisingly super hot  ( like all the Storm men! ) and he clearly has issues he’s not dealt with well in the past. Hailee is fun and care free but with her own history. They make a great combination. She is sassy and he is bossy, not so much that they clash heads but enough that she isn’t just going to roll over for him.

I loved that he didn’t fix anything for her. So often in stories when something bad happens our hero comes in and sweeps her off her feet and fixes everything up. Not so with Devil and Hailee. That was one of my favourite things – that he believes in her and trusts in her, knowing that she can and will pick herself up. He’s still there to support her and love her but it’s not over bearing.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my thirty years, it’s that perfection doesn’t exist. Everyone’s story is filled with imperfection. And who am I to judge yours?”

Well isn’t that just the truth! They are down to earth, normal people .. just about. Making their way in life as best they can. This story is so easy to read, you are right along with the characters and there are even a few phrases thrown in there I use myself 😊

There are some great scenes with King and Nitro lining plenty of excitement up for the next few books- which I also can’t wait for!

As if we expect anything less from this amazing series by Nina Levine x


I know she’s forbidden.
I’ve been warned.
But I’m in too deep.

Hailee Archer was mine the minute I met her and there’s no way in hell I’m giving her up.

Our club is at war, though, and her brother is our greatest ally.
He’s made it clear he doesn’t want me anywhere near her.
He’s threatened to walk away from our club if he doesn’t get what he wants.

What he doesn’t know about me is that I’m a stubborn bastard.
I will fucking fight to the bitter end for my family.
He wants to threaten me?
He can go right the fuck ahead.
He doesn’t stand a chance




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