Bad Boy Review

Title: Bad Boy
Author: Willow Winters

This is book 5 in the Valetti Crime Family series, previous reviews:

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I was really looking forward to Anthony`s story and I’m a bit at a loss now is over. It’s taken me a few days to be able to get the right words together for this review.

If I’m being totally honest I was a bit disappointed with Anthony. So far, the male lead characters have been cocky, confident, outgoing men and that is what I was expecting to see again, Anthony is a whole other ball game!

Anthony has been mentioned throughout the previous books, often on the outskirts of the situation, always quiet but acutely aware of what is going on around him and where he was needed most. What I never understood until this book, was why!

I was not expecting him to have such a low opinion of himself. Yes, he does some bad things, don’t they all, but for the most part other characters have accepted this is their life and who they are. Anthony not so much. Bless him, he has gone through some stuff! I can’t say too much I don’t want to give away the story but he is sad, happy, determined, driven, consumed and so much more through this book! He absolutely drove me crazy with his inability to explain himself to anyone at all, it’s like he could barely follow his own train of thought.

I loved Catherine! Getting to see her thought process and love of books was fantastic and really helped to get into her mindset, I’m sure lots of readers will be able to relate closely with her and be able to sink into this book!

It felt like there could have been more in this book. A bit more explanation into both their histories, a bit more link in with the family. I know Anthony is a bit of an outsider but he’s featured in every book so I kind of thought there might be more of a link there.

Overall it’s another steady story, nice easy read for a Saturday night with a glass of wine. There’s some amazingly hot scenes and plenty of action to keep you going through to the end. But be warned, this is an emotional rollercoaster and you are going to need the tissues! Enjoy 🙂



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