Tail Review

Title: Tail
Author: Evie Harper

This is Book 3 in the Portland Street Kings series
Book 1 Review – Collision Review
Book 2 Review – Fatal Review

I always hate reading a book when I know that I am going to have to wait for the next one. I try to drag the book out and read it in little bits aiming to extend it as long as possible. This book was no exception!

I wasn’t really sure about Della’s story. I was worried about how she could possibly overcome everything she has been through but remain true to herself and her family. There is some serious self reflection and deep emotional turmoil in this book., it is well thought out and really cleverly put together.

Our strong, warrior woman. She has been looked after by her big brothers for all these years but now she has to stand on her own two feet. She has come through hell and out the other side, time and time again. Her trust has been broken, her innocence stolen and her heart trampled, repeatedly and yet she still has the power to keep going. She is back in danger, again!

The man who has, most recently, broken her heart is out to protect her, to save her from herself as well as from danger. Dom made a mistake, okay he made a few mistakes but he is here to make amends and repair what has been damaged.

This is an action packed, emotionally raw, rollercoaster of a ride that I couldn’t slow down even if I wanted to. The only disappointment is having to wait for the next book!


“I had trusted him. I had loved him…”

Dom was the mysterious bad boy all my brothers warned me to stay away from. Even so, when I looked into his eyes, I saw someone I had to know. A man, who with a single touch, sparked a desire deep inside me.

I was wrong to trust. Mistaken to hope.

And on the run…

Dom Haynes, a man determined to protect that which he ruined. He thinks he can save us…he can’t. I’d given Dom my heart, and I don’t want it back, for fear of feeling, it’s broken insides.

I’m Della King, little sister to the infamous Portland Street Kings. However, I’m not the same woman I used to be. Nightmares I thought I’d controlled we’re once again taking hold.

Doms intentions are clear. He wants a second chance. Hate him or love him, he isn’t going anywhere.

He’ll ride with me.
Fight with me.
Love me.

Evie Harper Tail


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