Honor Me Review

Title: Honor Me
Author: Chelle Bliss
Cover Design: Chelle Bliss

Oh how I love our dirty talking biker.I love a hot, stacked, alpha and City and James definitely tick my boxes! Joe was the first Gallo man we met and when he loves, he loves hard. The lengths he will go to for his woman are amazing, nothing is too big or small!

Being married with kids tends to be the bit that happens after the HEA. The story is normally boy meets girl, boy chases girl, boy catches girl, boy marries girl and then they live happily ever after. So it’s been nice to check back in with City and Suzy in the other stories along the way, but really good to dive back in with them properly.

I love the raw honestly with which Chelle addresses Suzy’s depression after having the girls. It is great that there is such a fab female support system in this family, that she was able to lean on and be understood by. Often in life we don’t have that, but then not everyone has that alpha presence making sure they’re safe too!

Another rollercoaster of a book that keeps you on edge all the way through, captivating storytelling and raw emotion leaves you breathless in parts! A really great read and well worth ***** in my opinion!

The Gallo men all fought fiercely for their women, and now they are dad’s too I know they will fight for their families as well! I felt a bit lost in some parts as I haven’t read the ALFA PI series so there were a few characters that I didn’t know but it didn’t take anything away from the story and has given me a new series to look into too!

Chelle Bliss Honor Me


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