Without Me Review

Title : Without Me
Author : Chelle Bliss
Cover Design : MC Book Covers

Coming back to the Gallo family certainly feels like coming home x

We all know that the bigger they are the harder they fall and Anthony has been really big and really bad for a long time. So it comes as no great surprise that when he finally finds a woman that can take him on he falls hard and fast, and she wants nothing to do with him!

It is great the way Chelle has managed to embed us in this family, I could almost be sat at the table for Sunday dinner myself, while keeping the individuals individual. We have a full view of everyone here and the trials and tribulations they have all gone through to get to where they are. I love how this has opened up to include another family as we delve a little deeper with ma and pop Gallo too.

This book had a slightly different feel to the other books and Max certainly keeps us on our toes! It would have been nice to see more of the fun side to both Max and Anthony, we know it’s there from their friends, but this was quite a serious time for them both. It’s a fab ending however and I’m looking forward to reading the next book!

Chelle Bliss Without Me


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