The Deception You Weave Review

Title: The Deception You Weave

Author: Tracy Lorraine

This is the second of a trilogy and you do need to read The first book before this one.

I am loving this set of stories! I love the way Tracy writes and draws you through from one section to the next, it’s done so seemingly effortless.

Kane is HOT! If you’re looking for a hero you’re going to hate, hate to love, and eventually love then this guy is your man! Seriously, he takes heat to the next level and he loves HARD.

Letty is still bouncing around from one thing to the next with only half a clue about what’s going on which is definitely understandable but frustrating.

I’m really excited to see where the fibale of this story takes us! Just another week to wait!


Truths That Saints Believe Review

Title: Truths That Saints Believe

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is the second in the Klutch duet and you need to read The Lies That Sinners Tell first.

I feel like I’ve written and re written this review so many times!

I really enjoyed this story. Even though I wouldn’t and haven’t made the same decisions as the heroine. I struggled with her choices is in this and how she approached them but I can appreciate the emotion behind it.

So whilst those decisions aren’t part of who I am and how I think its written in a way that still allowed me to fall in love with the characters and their story.

Like I said in my review for book one; it’s different. Not your typical romance. But it’s beautifully written and an amazing world to fall into. I’m hoping there is more to come with these characters, I’d love to see Wrens story x

The Muse Review

Title: The Muse

Author: Hart de Lune

This is the first in series.

It left a lot of questions open and it didn’t feel like their story really got a resolution but I guess we’ll see how that transpires in the next book.

I really liked the dynamic between Seffi and Scott and despite all the noble things he could have, should have, done he couldn’t help but be drawn to her.

I think I was expecting more of a darker, Mafia style story but again that might come out more as we go through the series. There are definitely hints in there about more going on with Landon and I’m really excited to see where that goes.

Overall, good story, hot connection, I liked it and am looking forward to seeing what comes in future instalments!

The Lies that Sinners Tell Review

Title: The Lies that Sinners Tell

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is the first in a duet.

Despite my hatred for cliffhangers I know I could trust Anne with a duet and I wasn’t disappointed.

I struggled a bit with the POV on this one. The story is told mostly from Stella’s point of view; first person, but there are some sections third person from Jay which took a bit to get my head around.

Stella is light, easy, fluffy, a little bit of a shopaholic and with some of those shoes I can see why. But there’s an underlying fear, a darkeness, one that is only drawn into the light when she enters an arrangement with Jay.

Jay is a little bit of an enigma as we don’t see a lot from his point of view. He’s obviously involved in some dark business, something he doesn’t want Stella exposed to. But there’s a terrified, broken, little boy underneath the hard exterior.

I love her friends. I love how their thoughts and feelings change over the course of the book, that they’re not tied to their initial expectations for her.

I’m interested to see where this one is going, to see what comes in the second half of their story.

This isn’t a typical Anne Malcolm story. This isn’t a typical romance. This is something different, something else, and I’m intrigued to see how she pulls it all together!

Fractured Minds Review

Title: Fractured Minds

Author: Nikki J Summers

This is the third in the Rebels of Sandland series.

Oh, Finn. What a right old mess you’ve found yourself in here, mate.

I actually really liked the way this played out.

Honesty, I wasn’t feeling Finn much before this story, he seemed a little quiet, a little shy; which he is, but there’s more to it underneath.

Still waters run deep and all that.

We also haven’t seen a great deal of Effie but I liked her too. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Liv and the final Rebels book with Zac.

There is so much more to come with this group and I enjoyed Finns story a great deal. Brandon is still my fave though haha

Devils & Dust Review

Title: Devils and Dust

Author: Catherine Wiltcher

This is a standalone story.

It seems to be vaguely linked to Catherine’s other series’, there’s some cross over with the characters but you certainly get all the feels without having read the other books.

I think its safe to say Rick won me over, but it wasn’t an easy feat. I had put some of the pieces together before they all fell into place but there’s nothing quite seeing how it all comes together.

Love, loss and lies. That about sums this story up. A fantastic story, beautifully woven together, and I can’t wait to delve into some more!

The Revenge You Seek Review

Title: The Revenge You Seek

Author: Tracy Lorraine

This is the first in a duet!

I love Tracy’s writing. There’s no other way I can put it. It’s great.

The love hate relationship between Letty and Kane is hot! The relationship between Leon, Luca and Letty is hot too!

This book is one whole lot of steam and confusion and I can not wait for book two to come so that I can finally make sense of all the pieces!

Untouchable Review

Title: Untouchable

Author: Sienna Grant

This is a standalone story.

Roman and Paisley were fun and sweet.

We all remember those boys at school. The ones that knew they had it going on. The confident ones with the mischievous twinkle in their eyes. That’s Roman. Both then, and now.

Unfortunately tagging along behind him is the mouthy one. The one who knows how to tear you down and make you feel about two inches tall. And sadly, some things never change.

When Paisley Kennedy swims back into his life and takes charge he has to take a minute and take stock. Not the mousey girl he remembers, she’s now quiet and confident – or so it seems.

The story turns this way and that, friends and colleagues both with them and against them as they manoeuvre the limelight and the quagmire they find themselves in.

This was a great story but I struggled with the tense changes. The characters were good, although I could live without Gavin LOL