Another Sky Review

Title: Another Sky

Author: Jayne Frost

This is a standalone story.

I feel like this was more dance based than Rockstar, although I get his past informs the present and his reasons for how he is etc. But then I guess I’m getting stuck in the minor details there.

A good four star read for me. I liked the story and the characters, I can completely relate to her plight with the dancing and how it takes over your life and becomes everything.

I really liked how they grew together, they weren’t quite enemies, he was just an ass to start with. And there are some great secondary characters, the leaner, Taryn and Tori. It took a minute to figure out who was who and where everyone fit in relation to the original incident but this could easily be a tie in to another series.

Ill be reading other books by this author for sure!

Family Review

Title: Family

Author: Bea Paige

This is the third in the Academy of Misfits series and you do need to read Delinquent and Reject first as they do follow on.

What a way to finish the series! I was a bit this way that way about it after the first book but I’m so glad that I stuck with it, the second book was great and this one just built further on that.

All the romance base is there and this one just takes us deeper into the story. It gets twisty turvy and confusing as anything but totally worth every moment. There is depth to these characters, you love them and hate them, you want to see them rise and hold them when they fall.

This whole trilogy was really amazingly done and it’s going in my top of the year for sure!

Reject Review

Title: Reject

Author: Bea Paige

This is the second in the Academy of Misfits series and you do need to read Delinquent first as it follows straight on.

I loved this book! The first book had a great draw in to the series and set the relationships up beautifully. This book takes those relationships through to the next step. This book has all the heat and chemistry that I was missing in the first book. Now, I know they’re supposed to be youngish but I want some chemistry in my romance and boy, did this book deliver.

I love the transformation in the characters throughout this book. Camden and Eastern, Ford and Sonny. I loved it, I loved them. And that ending, OMG!

Asia is still kicking ass and taking names but she is also finding all this trickier than she was expecting to. This is hard stuff to traverse but with these guys behind her she can conquer the world! Heading straight in to the final installment!

Delinquent Review

Title: Delinquent

Author: Bea Paige

This is the first of the Academy of Misfits trilogy.

This series wouldn’t have normally jumped out to me, the cover isn’t my usual half dressed man for a start but it came well recommended by a trusted friend so I headed straight in.

I love the use of a prologue and this one grabs you and draws you straight in, it sets the scene beautifully. Asia is an interesting one, she is obviously very angry, life has dealt her a rubbish hand and she isnt making the most of it yet. But I love her sass and her spark for life, I love how she is a one woman whirlwind!

This book is four love stories twinned in to one, I was expecting a lot more heat but this is a great start to the trilogy and I’m heading straight in to book two!

Rock On Review

Title: Rock On

Author: EM Moore

This is my first by this author and I think my first Reverse Harem book. Its not quite what I expected but it’s good, it’s like four love stories in one!

I liked how individual the guys were and how they all had their own demons to conquer in order to see her in their own way. I loved being able to see their barriers broken down over time and “kill them with kindness” is such a great way to go!

Aisley is sweet, she’s an aspiring music writer that lands the job of a dream. Until she arrives and finds out assisting is literally just assisting and these guys don’t want her in their bubble.

It’s really cleverly done and I didn’t even realise the dynamics were changing until they changed and then all the subtle notes lined up perfectly.

I’m sure there must be more coming in this series as I’d love to delve further in with this group. A definitive four star read from me!

Brody Review

Title: Brody

Author: AS Roberts

This is the first book in the series and my first by this author. For a first book it’s a good start.

I loved the relationship between Amy, Lauren and Winter. There is obviously a lot of history there and those kind of friendships drive you forward and build you up. They are also the ones that hold you accountable and allow you to change and grow.

Brody is obviously hot, hes a rockstar for goodness sake, hes supposed to be. But I like that she met the man behind the name first even though it was pretty obvious what was going to happen with the mix up. There were some funny moments between the two of them and I loved her clumsy and drunken self!

This is an author to watch, the writing is good and the story developmental is great. A four star read for me 🙂

No Prince Review

Title: No Prince

Author: Stevie J Cole & LP Lovell

This is a standalone story.

I’m not really sure where to start with this one. Zepp is your typical alpha bad boy, he drinks, smokes, f**ks and generally doesnt care about anyone outside of his circle. But when that circle extends to include a girl he’s had his eye on, one that’s absolutely not interested in him, then things get fun!

The chemistry and heat level in this book is hot hot and what a feisty team they make. I love the push and pull dynamic in an enemies to lovers story and this book doesnt disappoint. There are a few discrepancies and I would have liked more explanation towards the end, it got a bit busy and wrapped up quickly.

But overall I liked the characters and the story, Zepp is hot hot and Monroe isnt going to back down and roll over for him. They were fantastic!

Arrogant Playboy

Title: Arrogant Playboy

Author: Alex Wolf and Sloane Harper

This is the fourth book in the Collins brother series but can be read as a standalone.

This book is by far my favourite of the series, not only because enemies to lovers is absolutely my thing but Donovan was fantastic.

He is hot, dominant, broody and intense – like all the other brothers, but more so. He is the culmination of all the titles, hes filthy and arrogant, cocky and possessive but his vulnerable moments are beautiful.

I loved the way we were able to delve back through his and the family history. It allowed some really great moments in this story, between Decker and Donovan, and their parents and obviously between Donovan and Paisley. To find those still moments within everything else was like a little gem.

I liked Paisley too, she was confident and sassy, she gave him as good as he gave her and was absolutely not afraid to go after what she thought was right. This book was about so much more than just the two of them and really rounded out the rest of the stories so far.

It’s a 4.5 from me, I’m definitely going to continue with these authors 😍

Filthy Playboy Review

Title: Filthy Playboy

Author: Alex Wolf and Sloane Harper

This is the third in the Collins brothers series but can be read alone.

This is the first book that has actually lived up to its title. He is a little bit filthy and he is a little bit of a playboy, well he used to be. I feel like the authors are starting to find their rhythm together and the stories are starting to come together nicely.

I was pretty excited to read Dexter’s story, he seemed like a pretty fun yet intense guy from the previous books and I loved how he relied on his twin. He absolutely is fun and intense and manages to be both at the same time here and there. The dynamic between the family is really great and we get to see right in to the heart of them in this book.

Family is important to all the Collins brothers but we get to see some sneak peeks behind the scenes in to the family that brought up these guys and who instilled these traits in to them. I loved meeting mum and dad and seeing the more vulnerable side to Dex, almost as much as I loved his bedroom talk.

Abigail is fun and sweet and a lot was played on about her age and being immature. I was already engaged by her age and had been in a 5 year relationship prior to that so it seemed a little disingenuous to me. Her naivety came through, and could have done so without referencing how old and innocent she is, which gave her a sweet edge even though she knew her own mind and was making her own way.

The two of them were a great combination and I really liked their story, looking forward to seeing what will happen for the final story!