Deliver Us Review

Title: Deliver Us

Author: Skyla Madi

This is the second in the sinful duet so you need to read Into Temptation first.

Now I don’t know if it’s just where I’m at currently but I struggled with this one. There are some amazingly hot sex scenes and the subject matter is handled really well, beautifully worked through. It just felt like they had a lot of stuff thrown at them.

Let’s be fair here, the writing is, as ever, fantastic. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome and they are all impeccably traversed. The ending is perfect!

Caleb’s darkness comes out to play, and he has never really been the quiet retiring choir boy type, so that’s fun to see. I loved the growth in his character and to see where he ends up from the start of book one is a journey beyond journeys. But I didn’t really like Cassia 🤦‍♀️

Maybe I’m just jealous I dunno, either way. Caleb is amazing is a four star read from me 🙂


Into Temptation Review

Title: Into Temptation

Author: Skyla Madi

That ending though!

Caleb Andrew’s, oh my heart! Sinfully sexy with a smirk to rival any privileged hot hole he is the devil in disguise. He was/is/might be yet, amazing. Its no big secret that I love the broken ones, the ones that break you down into pieces and then put you back together again, sometimes. And Caleb and that mouth of his totally tick all the boxes!

This book covers some serious topics, I think it’s safe to say it’s not for the feint of heart, but trust in the process and trust in the author – its worth it!

Cassia, bless her socks. She’s so many of us rolled into a book character. She’s so relatable, everyone who reads this book could be her, she’s just great.

Eurgh I’m going into book two, like now. I can’t wait! I had to take a break in this one, life happened and it was tough reading, I wanted to be able to drop myself in the book. Now I’m in I can’t stop. 5 amazing stars!

Wrath Review

Title: Wrath

Author: Claire C Riley

This is the third book in The Elite Seven series.

This book is hot, like hot hot, it’s off the chart hot. So hot it gives Lust a run for his money 😂

We slide straight into another world in this book, coming out from under Pride and Lillian and back a long way to start with Wrath. This rich boy has some serious daddy issues and I know I won’t be the only one willing to help him work that out!

This is my first book by Claire Reilly and I really liked it. The depth of emotion she managed to evoke through some of the storytelling is amazing. Particularly as the reader is catapulted from one rage filled moment to the next via some fantastic extremes.

You are absolutely left wanting more with this series as each story builds on the previous one and I can’t wait to get my hands on Envy. I dread to think what we will all be like at the end of them though lol

This is a great way to do a series and it’s been really interesting going through new authors and different writing styles, seeing how it all pieces together. Five amazing stars from me.

Breathing Wisteria Review

Title: Breathing Wisteria

Author: Amali Rose

I looooove to love this story. I’ve read it three times already and made my first ever teaser images for it.

I wouldn’t have normally read a book with some of the content that’s included in this one, but it’s done so beautifully that not only did I read it but I also went back and re read it twice.

Wyatt is, sigh, Wyatt is so beautifully broken. She is the strong independent, ploughing through life, hiding her pain and forging onwards. Gosh, she is so me. She doesn’t need a man or a woman or anyone else, except that she totally does.

Oh, how I’ve been there. When you need your man to just stand and be present with you, to hold you while your life is ripped apart, while you’re never the same again. And sometimes they can, but sometimes they can’t, and that’s hard.

It’s not rubbed in your face and you’re not dragged through the mire. The emotion is there, without you needing to be in the trenches, you know? Its just done really, really, well.

And Flynn! Well, wouldn’t we all like a little luck of the Irish, particularly when it comes packaged as this sexy, romantic, heartthrob! He is practically swoon worthy, most of the time 😉

I loved it, I loved the stories and the characters, what an amazing journey! Thank you Amali Rose for such a trip ❤

Pride Review

Title: Pride

Author: JD Hollyfield

This is the second book in the Elite Seven series and is my first by this author.

Mason is amazing! I was absolutely not expecting that kind of a back story for Pride but what an amazing ride of a story. I was rooting for him all the way through and the cross overs with Lusts book were done impeccably.

And sweet, but not too sweet Meghan. She’s awesome too. I liked her sass and the way she always comes back swinging.

This is a fast paced page turner of a book. The are some hot hot hot sex scenes so you’ve been warned, suncream is required! This beautifully sets us up for the next book and I can’t wait to see what Wrath has in store for us!

I still can’t figure out which names go with which sin lol but I’m sure I’ll figure it out as we go!

Lady Killer Review

Title: Lady Killer

Author: Max Henry

The latest installment from Max Henry is another fantastically Red Hot Read!

With a gripping entrance to the story I really liked this non hero combination. April is beaten and battered but still fighting for herself, she’s a spicy little one!

Dallas is not a good guy. It took me a while to get him, but once I stopped trying to make him the good guy in my head he won me over.

Its hot, it’s dirty, it’s a little messed up. Something outside of the norm. A little snippet of the author who wrote Sawyer peeking back out. For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about you *need* to read Tormented and the rest of Max’s books!

I love that there is no pretense to these. No crazy angsty build up, no slow burny mushy love. Bang, straight into full on story, hold onto your hats this is gonna be another fun ride!

Let me Burn Review

Title: Let Me Burn

Author: Carrie Elks

This could be my first firefighter book!

I loved the connection between Lucas and Ember (great name btw). The silent brooding firefighter returning back to his home turf in order to refurbish his grandparents home. Who meets the heartbroken girl next door, figuratively not literally, although they do accidentally cross paths quite a bit.

A fantastic story of self discovery and learning to love yourself, faults flaws and all. I thought this was a great book, well written with fantastic chemistry.

It was a bit slow burny for me, I like a good insta-lust but I really liked it! 4 stars from me