Rock On Review

Title: Rock On

Author: EM Moore

This is my first by this author and I think my first Reverse Harem book. Its not quite what I expected but it’s good, it’s like four love stories in one!

I liked how individual the guys were and how they all had their own demons to conquer in order to see her in their own way. I loved being able to see their barriers broken down over time and “kill them with kindness” is such a great way to go!

Aisley is sweet, she’s an aspiring music writer that lands the job of a dream. Until she arrives and finds out assisting is literally just assisting and these guys don’t want her in their bubble.

It’s really cleverly done and I didn’t even realise the dynamics were changing until they changed and then all the subtle notes lined up perfectly.

I’m sure there must be more coming in this series as I’d love to delve further in with this group. A definitive four star read from me!


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