Rumours Review

Title: Rumours

Author: HJ Bellus

Okay so the timing on this was fantastic! I just got finished with a few books and saw this one pop up. I have read a few HJ books before and know her writing is good so went straight in blind. And, oh boy, am I glad I did!

I have read her fighter books and this is definitely a contrast! But what an amazing surprise this book was!

Dalton is a commanding, assuming, insightful, flawed human being. He is tall and broad and full of all the amazing aspects you would expect from a book Boyfriend, while still managing to be humble and learning as he goes through.

Frankie is messed up, she has gone and is going through some horrendous ordeals in this story. This book does not hold any emotions back. While we don’t necessarily get all the gory details, we do get the trauma, anxiety and stress that comes with the aftermath.

I have no experience with the things in this book but it is clear that the author has done extensive research to bring us a hard hitting, compelling yet realistic tale. And it is done so, so well. I would have maybe liked a little more on Dalton and Truckee’s history but maybe that would come out in another story.

The supporting characters are the perfect compliment to the seriousness of what she is going through and I think I’m love with Truckee a little.

This story was fantastic and I can’t wait to see what she releases next!


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