Re Reads

So this week I have started the teaser weeks for the Dark Reads boxes over on Romance Readers Book Box UK. And I loooove the teaser weeks!

I get to share snippets about the authors and quotes from the included books and then people try to figure out which author it is. It’s great fun and I get to re read the books to get the teasers!

So I have read the book for author 1 and their teasers are being shared this week. Ive read the book for author 2 and I need to make the teasers ready for next week. But this is the first in a duet and I soooooo want to read the second one but I’ve got a BETA coming tomorrow and wont get time 😭

I love a good reread and I seem to pick up so many more of the little bits second time round. All the hints that were set up to lead you to that amazing finale are so much better second time around.

I love them!


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