Chaos Remains Review

Title: Chaos Remains

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is the fourth in the Greenstobe Security series.

I finished this book a week ago and I still cant find the words to do it justice lol

What an absolute whirlwind of a story. I love that this is completely standalone. You dont need to have read any of the other books in this series or linked series for this to make sense. There isnt a lot of confusing cross linking and filling in of info that didn’t need filling in. It gives you what you need, when you need it. A bit like Lance really haha

I knew Lance was going to be intense. Just the first moment they met said so much with so little. It’s the little nuances that Anne manages to write so beautifully, you don’t realise all the little details that build to create this masterpiece that transforms before your eyes. Its like literally watching the words come to life.

Lance is a force to be reckoned with. But Elena is too. She is such a fantastic character, so deep and strong, powerful but demure. I really liked her interactions with the other women in the group and the family that was created around her.

This story takes you through some tumultuous waters that is for certain. There were a few moments in there I thought Elena was going to loose it lol or Lance just couldn’t keep it together but that’s real life isn’t it? How many times a week do you have to school yourself before you go ballistic over some seemingly well meant comment from a partner, spouse or significant other? It happens, oh it happens.

And to see real life in and amongst the Chaos brings it home, ties you to the words differently some how. I dont know how it just does. Another book amazingly done. 5 stars all day long!


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