Bad Boys Review

Title: Bad Boys

Author: Max Henry

This is the second in The Arcadia High Series, you need to read Good Girls first as this continues straight on.

Another fantastic installment in this series leaving me waiting for more once again!

I love how steady this story is. There’s no rush to get to the end, although the story is gripping and keeps you moving throughout. You certainly want to get to the end but it’s not a race to finish.

I love Lacey in this book. Shes a little sassier than in Good Girls and while I thought she was finding her feet again, maybe not 😂 I’ve definitely been channeling my inner Lacey this week!

Tuck is, well, Tuck is absolutely swoon worthy! He’s perfect, in an imperfect teenage kind of a way. He is kind, sweet, he takes charge and takes action. I also like that hes a bit of a trouble maker and he’s not about to back down from a challenge.

There are some really great secondary characters coming through in this book. I already loved Mags but Greer is coming on and I’m even warming to Johnson and Beau.

That end though, OMG that end. Why, Max, oh why must you do this to me! Now to patiently, not so patiently, wait for book 3!


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