Tears of Ink Review

Title: Tears of Ink

Author: Anna Bloom

This is the first in a trilogy series.

I’m so glad I waited until all the books were out, what an ending!

This book grabs you at the first page and drags you the way through to the last one. It gripping and suspenseful.

Faith is lost, but not lost. Shes confident but insecure, shes everything you and and would want to be at the same time. All those insecurities we hide are written on his skin for the world to see and yet hidden from sight. Shes an enigma.

Elijah, oh Elijah. Trapped in the world of the elite, what have you done? I mean, what have you done?

This is scorching hot and searing cold, back and forth, yes and no. This has all the pull and drama of an enemies to lovers tale but not. With some fantastic side characters I’m hoping we might get to know in further books.

I cant write any more without ruining the whole thing so I’m heading in to book 2!


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