Hurricane Hearts Review

Title: Hurricane Hearts

Author: Nina Levine

I finished this book a day or two ago now and I’m still struggling to gather the words together to form a coherent thought about it.

I loved it, it was fantastic. I ploughed through the whole book in one evening with a cheesecake and a bottle of prosecco, and boy did I need them.

Winter is fierce! Oh man, I forgot how hot Nina writes these Storm men, oh my *fans self*. He is such an open book. I love the dual pov for his insight and emotion, this book is full of the feels too.

Birdie was, oh Birdie, she is so me. I’ve so been there. When you make a mistake and you’re trying to find your way back, and you don’t know if you can, or if you should.

This whole story was just amazingly done. I’ve been in similar places, as I’m sure lots of people have, and the emotion pouring through the pages just had me right there with them.

I really liked the slight step away from the MC stuff. It got pretty heavy in there with King for a while so to ease back in with the crew was great. All the stars for the fantastic book!


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