Malum pt2 Review

Title: Malum pt2

Author: Amo Jones

This is book 5 of The Elite Kings series.

Well that was just the absolutely perfect way to end that!

What a way to write a book, I mean seriously, the depth and intricacy to this story is amazing. I think I’m going to have to re read this at least once to make sure that I really got what was going on.

The plot is crazy involved and there is so much going on for everyone! I really wasnt sure if Tilly was going to step up or not until she decided and even then I wasn’t 100% convinced she wouldn’t change her mind.

The back and forth between Nate and Tilly is pretty intense, but then that’s just Nate all over. He’s still very bipolar in this book but we get the inside track with him that she doesn’t and I found myself shouting at her on more than one occasion.

A book that can take you from the bottom to the depths and then back again in one piece is quite a story. But it’s done so well you couldn’t not finish. I’ve done both books in 24 hours and I’m not really sure which world is real right now.

This was a fantastically dark story, it was perfect for them, done in the way only Amo Jones can!


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