Work in Progress Review

Title: Work in Progress

Author: BJ Harvey

This is a standalone.

I think it’s fair to say this one wasnt for me. There is lots to commend the book on, the heroine is sassy, the hero is hot, the sexy scenes are sexy. I loved the family element, both the connection with Ax and Jamie’s family. In fact Jamie’s family were fantastic.

He is sweet and funny, nice and thoughtful. I think I missed a bit of the connection between the two. They start off a bit snappy at each other but that doesn’t happen more than 2/3 times and isn’t anything significant. Nothing really grabby, no push and pull, no angst or tension, it’s not enemies to lovers.

It’s a nice story, it has good flow but there wasnt enough drama or connection for me. Its a 3 and a half stars review from me, I’m sure lots of other people will really enjoy it 🙂


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