Boss Review

Title: Boss

Author: WS Greer

I really liked this book. It was refreshing to read something a little lighter and down to earth than I have been reading recently.

Amari is a bad boy! He’s a bad boy alpha male if I ever read one and hes hot. Stepping out fron his recent incarceration he has BIG plans and boy are they big lol

Miss Capone is also fab too, strong and sassy, she takes no sh!t from anyone. You don’t get where she is in this life without making a few waves, but she’s more than capable of backing it up.

I loved their individual stories, the back stories and the way their two lives became inextricably combined. There was so much story in here that it overwhelmed the romance element a little for me.

I want massively feeling the angsty romantic buildup with these two. They’re both too alpha for all that back and forward nonsense. That’s not to say that there aren’t some amazingly hot scenes because there are, I just prefer a little more buildup in my books. That being said I don’t think more buildup would have necessarily worked for this couple because of their full on personalities.

The story is ram jam packed full of plot goodness, solid 4 stars from me!


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