Bittersweet Alwats Review

Title: Bittersweet Always

Author: Ella Fields

This is book two of the series.

I knew Toby would get me. I love the broken ones and he was amazing!

Pippa is sweet and sassy, fighting her own demons and taking on the world. She was strong and independent, caring and cautious, she stood back and she took control. I know a lot of that doesn’t make sense but she was both ends of the scale.

Toby was up and down, with it and without. He was as amazing at the top as he was the bottom. I loved this story. Not just them as a couple but individually too, their personal developments throughout this book were great as well.

The story drags you in, breaks your heart and sort of pieces I’d back together again. I absolutely adore the way these books are written and the way the stories unfold. Another 5 stars from me.


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