Scary Hot Review

Title: Scary Hot

Author: KD Robichaux

This is a spin off from an Aurora Rose Reynolds series that I haven’t read. I’m told it can be read stand alone so that’s what I did!

I would say it worked as a stand alone. I didn’t feel like there was lots of info missing or like it went over everything 50 times, there was a good balance.

Z is Scary Hot and hes awesome! I like my heros as big scary bikers so that works for me lol I loved his story as it came out throughout the book and his take on life was great. There was one moment he talked about retraining her which rubbed me up the wrong way but that might be language more than anything. If he had said about taming the kitten or something along those lines i would have felt differently about it. I think it was semantics more than anything.

Kayan is a pocket rocket! To start with she is a powerhouse of tiny woman, as she slowly devests her worries onto her man you see the insecure girl underneath shine through. But she’s not alone, hes there to catch her!

Although their romantic story has a great ending there were a few bits from the actual plot that never got finished. Maybe they’re tied off in the other books, I’m not sure, but it felt little incomplete.

The chemistry is off the charts and the angsty build up is great. I thought them as a couple worked really well!


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