Choosing Us Review

Title: Choosing Us

Author: M Robinson

This is the first of a duet.

Omg how does she do this to us? What a point to break at. There is a reason that she is called the Queen of Angst and this book has ALL the feels 😭

I’m sorry this review probably doesn’t make any sense, my brain is all over the place lol

I love the way this story has been written, through current day with Camila and catching up the history with Aiden. We get this crazy build up and then when the two lines finally cross, wow, it’s like lightening.

Camila is awesome, she’s fun and spunky, she takes no sass but knows when to let loose. Aiden is, well, Aiden is something else. Monica is totally going to break us to put us back together again.

This was amazing, just amazing, the best of the year so far!


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