Breathing Wisteria Review

Title: Breathing Wisteria

Author: Amali Rose

I looooove to love this story. I’ve read it three times already and made my first ever teaser images for it.

I wouldn’t have normally read a book with some of the content that’s included in this one, but it’s done so beautifully that not only did I read it but I also went back and re read it twice.

Wyatt is, sigh, Wyatt is so beautifully broken. She is the strong independent, ploughing through life, hiding her pain and forging onwards. Gosh, she is so me. She doesn’t need a man or a woman or anyone else, except that she totally does.

Oh, how I’ve been there. When you need your man to just stand and be present with you, to hold you while your life is ripped apart, while you’re never the same again. And sometimes they can, but sometimes they can’t, and that’s hard.

It’s not rubbed in your face and you’re not dragged through the mire. The emotion is there, without you needing to be in the trenches, you know? Its just done really, really, well.

And Flynn! Well, wouldn’t we all like a little luck of the Irish, particularly when it comes packaged as this sexy, romantic, heartthrob! He is practically swoon worthy, most of the time 😉

I loved it, I loved the stories and the characters, what an amazing journey! Thank you Amali Rose for such a trip ❤


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