Lady Killer Review

Title: Lady Killer

Author: Max Henry

The latest installment from Max Henry is another fantastically Red Hot Read!

With a gripping entrance to the story I really liked this non hero combination. April is beaten and battered but still fighting for herself, she’s a spicy little one!

Dallas is not a good guy. It took me a while to get him, but once I stopped trying to make him the good guy in my head he won me over.

Its hot, it’s dirty, it’s a little messed up. Something outside of the norm. A little snippet of the author who wrote Sawyer peeking back out. For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about you *need* to read Tormented and the rest of Max’s books!

I love that there is no pretense to these. No crazy angsty build up, no slow burny mushy love. Bang, straight into full on story, hold onto your hats this is gonna be another fun ride!


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