Lust Review

Title: Lust

Author: Ker Dukey

This is the first of The Elite Seven series.

It has very definite Elite Kings (Amo Jones) vibes, secret society, all powerful, initiations etc and I really liked it!

Rhett is hot and cocky with a live and let live attitude that is perfect for Lust.

Chastity is sweet but not innocent innocent, she’s got just enough edge for her to be a complete sweety but not a push over!

They worked amazingly together and the brotherhood that has already formed is fantastic. I loved the guys using each others’ nicknames and that not everyone is best of friends straight off the bat. There’s room for some fun to be had in the subsequent books!

This was a great opening gambit to the series with enough detail to entice without overwhelming or giving the whole game away. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the other authors have got in store for us! 4 and a half fantastic stars!


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