The Kiss Thief Review

Title: The Kiss Thief

Author: LJ Shen

I was so excited to get my copy of this book, there have been some amazing things said about it and it certainly lives up to expectations!

Wolfe is cold, calculated and determined, when the beautiful Francesca takes his fancy he can’t help but investigate. Will this distraction prove too much even the big bad senator to handle? I wanted to lick him, I wanted to slap him, I loved him and hated him all at the same time.

Frankie is young and naive, sheltered her whole life. Only to find herself being used as a pawn in a fight she didn’t know she was in, between two men who are supposed to love and cherish her. That’s not to take this innocence as weakness, oh no, there is strength in this little beauty and she proves it time and again.

I love the dual POV and it was definitely needed with everything that was happening. This is a fast and furious story of a heart breaking love destined to conquer all. It might be her best work yet, 5 amazing stars from me!


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