Thinking about Books

Well … I’ve been thinking about Books quite a bit recently, but not so much reading or writing about books.

It’s a pretty difficult time of year for me, we’ve got lots of amazing birthdays in a two week space. But as well as remembrance day we also have the anniversary of my dad and my husband’s grandad passing.

This year marks 10 years and I don’t know why that feels so significant but it does. I was expecting his birthday last year to be significant as it would have been his 60th, but no that came and went in its usual fashion. This year though, ever thing has just felt hard, so so hard.

So, with that being said, I’m struggling to throw myself into anything book wise. I’ve got some smashing books downloaded ready for when I’m a bit more like it but I’m really hesitant to throw myself into too much right now.

Things are coming along beautifully for the reader event next October; Behind the Books, and the response from authors is wonderful. I’m hoping we can get some more reader interest drummed up and coming along with us 🙂


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