Amongst the Wildflowers Review

Title: Amongst the Wildflowers

Author: Amali Rose

This is my first book by this author and the third in a series of standalone novels.

A story as beautiful as it’s cover 🙂 I love the covers in this series and this one is gorgeous!

Layla and Ethan are wonderful. This is a second chance romance that ticks all the boxes; there’s hot chemistry, jealous boyfriends and mean girls to top it off.

I would like to put myself firmly in Evies corner, everybody should have a best friend like that. She is an amazing secondary character and it would be great to see her get her own story at some point too. I loved that she just got Layla, and that she is team Ethan, friends like that are one in a million but everyone should have one.

The story flows beautifully and very naturally. The characters are relateable and engaging and I wanted to hug them, kick them and many things inbetween lol a really great read!


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