Irrevocable Review

Title: Irrevocable

Author: Addison Jane

Really enjoyed this! I think this is my first by this author and I’m sure for the veteran fans lots of the characters in here are familiar. That doesn’t take anything away from this as the first in a new series.

Ripley is awesome and Dakota is the strong independent woman we’d all like to be a little more of. The chemistry is off the charts hot and the push pull angsty goodness just keeps going.

The story is gripping and fast paced and keeps the pages turning and you glued to your chair. Once you hit 40% there’s no chance you’ll be putting this book down for anything!

There’s a great balance between explaining what has gone on in the past but without overriding the story we are in. There are a lot of characters to keep track of and sometimes that got a little confusing but they are engaging and feel into place eventually.

I really enjoyed this and will definately be looking out for more in this series 🙂


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