Eternity’s Awakening Review

Title: Eternity’s Awakening

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is the third book in the vein chronicles, you do need to read the previous books as it carries straight on.

If you’ve not read the previous books recently it’s worth a ‘re read as we are straight in and off we go on the crazy train.

I’d forgotten how bratty Isla can be sometimes but she also totally rocks once she’s in her stride. We definately see some new sides to the snarky vampire in this book and it’s awesome.

The storytelling is fantastic and you are grabbed and pulled in from the very first page. This story will take you on an absolute roller coaster and certainly keeps the pages turning.

Isla is rock chick fabulous, Thorne is hot and intense and there are so many fab side characters. Connel is one of my faves, as is Scott, Duncan, Dante and obviously the best witch ever; Sophie.

Unfortunately the next book hasn’t been written yet so I’m left waiting for the next instalment but I know it will be amazing once it arrives!


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