Down Beat Review

Title: Down Beat

Author: Max Henry

This is the first in the Dark Tide series.

I have no idea where to start this review. I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

I loved Rey, I loved Tabby. I loved the genuine mistakes that they both made. I loved the band and how real they are.

This book covers some seriously deep material. Let’s be fair mental health issues affect 1 in 4 people, but that person is cared for by their own family so although only 1 person has to live with that illness it touches so many lives by proxy.

We’ve all had bad days, days where it’s not worth getting up, days where you want to give up. But for most of us, we dust it off get up and get on. It’s not quite that simple for everyone. This book beautifully illustrates that difference. Even with love around him and people there to catch him, it’s not that simple.

Rey is … complicated, he is full on and all in (or out). Tabby is gentle and kind, but don’t mistake that for weakness. In a rock and roll world built to chew up and spit out the weak, can the man with the fractured mind make it, or will he break before it’s over?

I can not praise the writing in this book enough. The story is emotive and amazingly written, a journey of love and heartbreak written as only Max Henry can.

Rey will grab you and hold you and he won’t let you go. Don’t start this half an hour before bed because you will be seriously tired the next day, he’s not letting you to until The End.

There is no high enough recommendation for this book. My fave of the year hands down ❤


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