She Review

Title: She

Author: Kailee Reese Samuels

This is the first book in a duet

I’m really not sure what to say about this one? It certainly keeps the pages turning and definately leaves you looking forward to the conclusion.

There’s some great development of the characters throughout the book but I don’t find either of them very relatable.

Natalie is either a pathological liar or a complete nutter and Joe is so wet it’s crazy.

Mr Silver Spoon falls head over heels for a girl he walks past, so far so that he ditches his best mate in favour of what she says. Then when it’s not all sunshine and roses when everything isn’t adding up and there’s clearly something wrong rather than manning up to work it out he buries his head in the sand?

Natalie’s issues do come to light eventually and I think that’s really well concluded in this book. Maybe I don’t get so much of her because the book is single POV and it’s from Joe’s rather than Natalie’s?

Not sure, overall there is some fab progress through the book, the story is gripping, if a bit confusing, and definately leaves you looking forward to the next instalment.

It would be amazing to have more insight into her perspective and I think that would have balanced this book nicely. I’m hoping there will be some more snippets in the next one 😊


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