Shield Review

Title: Shield

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is the second in the Greenstone security Series and you can read my other reviews here;

There is some beautiful writing in this book and I loved the story and plot! I do think it may have been better placed as part of the Sons of Templar series. There wouldn’t have been the need for so much catch up and explanation throughout.

A lot of the book is first person with Rosie which is awesome. A lot of Luke’s sections read third person rather than from his POV which can be a difficult transition back and forth.

That being said I really liked Rosie and there’s some beautiful writing. I love how Rosies father sees her, right at the start of the book;

You’re gonna grow wings, baby. And you’re gonna soar and be the only version of you in this whole world. I know you’ll be the heart and soul of this club. In more ways than one. But you’re destined to be somethin’ different. Somethin’ bigger.

Luke is our knight in shining armour, or he would like to be. I’m not sure if he’s trying to save her or himself but he loves hard!

I’ll go to the ends of the earth to find you. And I won’t let you go this time.

I’m not here because you need to protect me from shit. I’m here for the opposite reason. I’m here to be your fuckin’ shield.

Luke is a bit too perfect for me, I like my hero’s with a bit more dirt. The character development through both him and Rosie is wonderful even if he’s not quite my cup of tea.

There are some amazing insights into love and life with love. Not just that hot lust, although there is some of that *fans self*, but that deep and lasting understanding of two souls connecting.

True love doesn’t fall in to place. It isn’t as easy as breathing. It’s a struggle. Takes hard work. Every day. You’ve got to fight for it, but it’s only the most beautiful of things that are worth fighting for.

There is deep love through the friendships, siblings and MC bond as well and it is all done amazingly. The clear understanding and ability to show you the difference is very well done.

So while there were some things not to my taste the writing is very well done and the story is great!


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