Marrying Mr Valentine Review

Title: Marrying Mr Valentine

Author: Laura Barnard

This is a standalone.

What to read the day before Valentine’s when your pregnant and home alone. This was a good choice πŸ™‚

It is not quite Laura’s usual upbeat rom-com style but addresses some pretty heart breaking tragedies in a way that only she could.

We start with a strong female lead in Nadine. She is dedicated and loyal; to her work, to her friends and to her self respect. And learn about the depth and tragedy in her history. The ability to pick yourself up and move forward through the hard times is not something everyone has!

Then we meet Mr Valentine. He’s a bit wet at first, but he grows on you! A fun and loveable character who, despite a few flaws, learns and grows throughout the book.

I loved the trajectory it took and even though there are a few topics covered that are close to me personally I still enjoyed Laura’s take on it.


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