Mr North Review

Title: Mr North

Author: Callie Hart 

This is a standalone so no need to have read anything before hand. 

What a fab story! I loved Raph; the handsome, mysterious recluse! Quirky and anti-social yet full of social niceties and genuine care – once you break through the ice cold exterior. 

I thought this was just going to be a billionaire romance – girl meets boy, brings him out of his shell and they live happily ever after. Until we got about 35% in. Then things really got started!

This story is absolutely captivating and kept me turning the pages until the very end. You definately need to get a fan as the chemistry is off the charts hot! Interlaced with some amazingly deep and sensual moments it makes for a really swoon worthy hero. 

I really enjoyed the book and the story is amazing but there are things I still need to know! For someone so career driven we never find out what happens with her exams and the bar. Again, for someone whose family experience has and continues to influence get life so substantially we get no closure on this either. 

Perhaps these are things that may be picked up in another story/novella in the future. Either way the ending is great and ties lots of things up beautifully!!


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