Broken Shelves Review

Title: Broken Shelves 

Author: Anne Malcolm 

This is book three of the Unquiet Minds Series, read my review for book 1 here:

1 –

This is my favourite book of this series so far! 

I really liked Sam in the first book, and he certainly delivers in this one too. His cocky, arrogant, self centred bravado does nothing to hide the lost and vulnerable child underneath. 

Gina has been in love with Sam since high school but when their paths cross and she gets a taste of the man he is now, she doesn’t like it. Her quiet slice of life is turned upside down when she steps up for a child in her care. When life becomes dangerous can she speed up to keep up or will she get crushed beneath it?

I loved the characters in this, the fantastic storytelling and compelling plot keep you turning the pages! There are some fantastic turns in the plot and some beautiful moments between the two of them.
Definately my fave so far x


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