Hydes Absolution 

Title: Hydes Absolution 

Author: Nina Levine

This is book four of the Sydney Storm MC series, see my other reviews here:

1 –

I finished this book a couple of days ago and have been struggling to find the right words to put together to justify this book . 

This is Nina Levine once again completely taking the world by Storm. Not only do we have our, as expected, super hot super alpha male in Hyde. But we also have a strong and determined lead female character in Monroe. 

Unsurprisingly there are some seriously hot sex scenes. I mean really – Hot-Sex Hyde has to be good for it right! I loved the snippets and the build up ready for Kings books, it’s gonna be amazing. As well as the touches in with Kick and Devil, really helps to keep you centred in with the group while still seeing the bigger picture. 

There is definately something deeper in this book though. The struggle to pull yourself out from others’ expectations. To truly see yourself where you are, acknowledge it and still power forward is hard to do.

A compelling book with strong characters and fantastic development throughout. I’m still a bit tongue tied trying to find all the right words.

But the long and short of it is … she’s bloody done it again – prep the wine!


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